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Xerte online toolkits was used to produce the individual units.

Xerte toolkits is an open source product which provides a server-based suite of tools for content authors. Elearning materials can be authored using browser-based tools and wizards, with no programming required. Xerte allows collaborative authoring and completed tutorials can be re-used and repurposed.

More information about Xerte toolkits at: http://www.jisctechdis.ac.uk/xerte

Re-using the units

The URL links for each of the units is available within the modules tab.   Links can be embedded into an institutions own learning space, as long as attribution is given under the creative commons licence.

Re-purposing the units

If you have an instance of Xerte toolkits installed you can download the zip file and insert into your own Xerte toolkit.  This allows you to change the content to suit your institutions needs.  Please give attribution for the original work under the creative commons licence.  Scorm files are also available to download if you wish to integrate the toolkit into a VLE and integrate with grade books or similar.

The files for the units are available within Jorum to facilitate re-use.  Please click on the links below to move across to the record in Jorum, from which you can download the relevant Scorm 1.2 and/or the Zip file.

Journals and journal articles

Author bibliometrics

Journal bibliometrics


Other forms of publishing

Downloading Xerte toolkits

Xerte toolkits can be downloaded from JISC TechDis.  Further help with downloading  and using the software is also available.  An active community list is also available to help you with any questions relating to Xerte toolkits.

Once downloaded, the zip or Scorm file can be imported into your own Xerte toolkit

  • Click on the workspace area
  • Click on properties
  • Click on the import tab
  • Browse for the zip or Scorm file

Alternatively, if you do not wish to download the software, you can use the JISC TechDis sandbox area

Please note that anything created in the sandbox will be wiped at the end of the month.  Anything you wish to keep should be exported.  A YouTube video explaining export is available from the sandbox area.

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